Loft Single - 450 euros/month

This one-person loft, equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, board, sofa, bed and a table has everything you need to study, live, work in the greatest comfort in the city centre.

Includes all water and electricity costs, as well as Wifi and weekly cleaning of your Loft

Loft Double - 550 euros/month

This loft is more spacious. It has a double bed, and more storage areas, being ideal for two people.

Start your life with two the best way.

Sheets and towels pack - 65 euros*.

This once-in-a-lifetime fee includes bath towels and sheets.

* provides for the return of the material

Pack crockery and utensils - 65 euros*.

Includes crockery for one or two people (depending on the loft), pans, a frying pan, and various cooking utensils to make you feel at home in your home.

* provides for the return of the material